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English article: Therapeutic Riding for Children with Congenital Heart Disease

Sabine Schickendantz, Birna Bjarnason-Wehrens, Elisabeth Sticker, Sigrid Dordel, Narayanwami Sreeram, Marion Drache


Due to overprotective parents and the uncertainty of physicians and sports pedagogues about the physical stress tolerance many cardiac children suffer from a lack of movement experience. This can result in a deficiency of motor skills, body perception and movement coordination, but also in anxiousness, fear in movement situations, lack of self-confidence, a low level of social competence as well as in a limited scope of action (Sticker 2004, Bjarnason-Wehrens et al. 2007). Therapeutic riding, especially psycho-educational riding/vaulting, but also hippotherapy and riding for handicapped people have a particularly positive effect on these misdevelopments.


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