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English article: The contribution of Psycho-Educational Vaulting (therapeutic horseback riding) on the psychomotor development of a child with cri-du-chat-syndrom

Alexandra Stergiou, Spyridon-Georgios Soulis, Dimitrios Varvarousis, Pinio Christodoulou, Evdoxia Sakellaropoulou, Lucia Kessler-Kakoulidi


To adopt a training program for a person with “cri-du-chat-syndrome” presents one with many difficulties because of the specific communication disorders, the display of behavioral problems, and the motor-functional abnormalities that characterize the above syndrome. In this particular case study, speech and intelligence of the child are not fully developed, making both communication, and the establishment of social relations, difficult for the child.
It is assumed that physical education in combination with appropriate psycho-educational methods and strategies, will contribute positively to the training of these individuals, increasing the level of their mobility and communication with the environment. With respect to this aim, psycho-educational vaulting plays a particularly important role.


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