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English Abstracts


English Abstracts

The „Ausbildungsskala“ (training scale) for therapy horses –
A new dimension of the relationship between humans and horses
Katharina Westermann
Any successful use of horses is largely influenced by the quality of the used horse and demands specific training programs. Viewed from different perspectives, e. g. behaviorism, learning theories, sports science, an educational or psychological point of view, and further possibilities for horse training programs could be opened. This applies especially for the field of equine-assisted interventions (EAI), because the requirements for therapy horses are fundamentally different from horses used in the classic sports disciplines. In addition, the characteristics of the target group mean additional burdens for the horse, which must be considered in the selection and training of the therapy horses.
Key words: therapy horse, amplification of the “Ausbildungsskala” (training scale), equine-assisted intervention, changes in perspective, human-horse-relationship

Flow experience in contact between human and horse
Nina Kobszick
Movement and perception are crucial elements of a holistic personal development. Horse riding offers very good possibilities for a special experience of movements and perception. In the context of this article flow experience and riding is considered and the question is investigated, if the outstanding movement and perception moments in the contact between man and horse in tölt are perfect to experience flow and if this feeling could be helpful for therapeutic work.
Key Words: flow, horse riding, perception, movements, tölt