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MuP 3/2012 English abstracts 3/12 Angaben zum Artikel
MuP 4/2009 English Abstracts 4/09 Angaben zum Artikel
MuP 4/2013 English Abstracts 4/13 Angaben zum Artikel
MuP 4/2018 English Abstracts. Business coaching for special needs employees?! Horse assisted business coaching for adults with mental disability as a key to individual and work-related developement Abstract
MuP 2/2021 English Abstracts. Emotions as predictors of coaching outcomes in equine-facilitated interventions Abstract
Lisa Tometten, Kathrin Schütz
MuP 4/2023 English Abstracts. Horse-assisted therapy and its impact on core symptoms in children with ADHD " Results of a quasi-experimental intervention study Abstract
MuP 4/2022 English Abstracts: Animal welfare in equestrian sports - An empirical analysis from the perspective of society and equestrians Abstract
MuP 4/2016 English Abstracts: Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) in Therapeutic Riding. Results of a survey regarding application and need for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) in Therapeutic Riding in German federal state Baden-Württemberg Abstract
Christina Baro, Gregor Renner, Mone Welsche
MuP 3/2019 English Abstracts: Child sexual abuse. Professionals in equine assisted therapy as potential contact persons for children who experienced sexual abuse Abstract
Marie Merschhemke, Dr. Simone Pülschen
MuP 4/2016 English Abstracts: Effects of a vaulting course with many exercise variations on the motor skills of primary pupils Abstract
Lea Steinsiek, Meike Riedel
MuP 4/2020 English Abstracts: Equine assisted therapy from the viewpoint of participating children and adolescents Abstract
Mone Welsche
MuP 3/2020 English Abstracts: Free interaction in horse-assisted therapy Abstract
Svenja Hawighorst
MuP 2/2017 English Abstracts: Getting older with the horse – potentials and challenges of successful aging Abstract
Monja Mayer, Mone Welsche
MuP 1/2021 English Abstracts: Horse Assisted Therapy in Children with ADHS Abstract
Erwin Breitenbach, Annette Gomolla, Svenja Radeck
MuP 4/2021 English Abstracts: Horse-assisted treatment of tic disorders Abstract
English Abstracts: Positive affirmations in horse-assisted coachings Abstract
Kathrin Schütz
MuP 1/2020 English Abstracts: Positive psychology in horse-assisted coachings Abstract
Kathrin Schütz
MuP 2/2023 English Abstracts: Positive reinforcement for the soul - A pilot study on the conception, implementation and evaluation of an equine-assisted resilience course for adults Abstract
MuP 4/2019 English Abstracts: Professional training in focus / Child Sexual Abuse Abstract
MuP 3/2018 English Abstracts: Promotion of selfconcept in riding therapy Abstract
Mone Welsche
MuP 2/2020 English Abstracts: Psychological and social effects of horse-assisted interventions in children: A systematic review Abstract
MuP 3/2023 English Abstracts: The effects of HIPS equine-assisted therapy on the mobility and body perception of competitive (para-)athletes " A descriptive case report with four participants Abstract
MuP 2/2011 English article: Aspects of Horse-assisted Therapy with Children suffering from Attachment Disorders Abstract
Alexandra Dischinger, Annette Gomolla
MuP 2/2016 English Article: Equine-assisted activities and therapy from the perspective of people with multiple sclerosis. Relevance and therapeutic effects Abstract
Anne Karen Czerwonka, Simone Pülschen
MuP 1/2010 English article: Financing horse-assisted therapy. Part 2 Abstract
Marianne Gäng, Rita Hölscher-Regener, Christian Robier
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